Java Interview Questions

Java Interview Questions and Answers


With the notable increase in jobs that involve extensive use of Java it certainly is worth devoting an entire section to this popular programming language. Of course, this is not a complete and thorough guide to Java, so some basic knowledge of Java is assumed. What’s being presented here are some commonly asked Java interview questions that cover a broad range of topics in Java.

Unless you are interviewing for a position that involves extensive use of Java, you generally won’t be asked Java-related questions. But if you know that the position requires at least some Java skills, you will definitely want to read this section. We also provide answers for all of the questions, so be sure to read them carefully.

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  • Domenick D’Onofrio

    Great Java stuffs, thanks.

  • Anji Pavuluri

    Static Variable

  • swaap

    out is static variable or object?

  • syed behram shah

    I am the student of computer science in 6th semester.Well know about php,js,jquery,database.

    This time i need some project ideas for any site which make sense for me.

    andother thing i also need idea for desktop application using java.

    help me.I have no idea this time please share some ideas with me for both web development and java.

    thanks i will be wait for your answer.

  • Anji Pavuluri

    if you want know about System.out.println();
    first you need to know
    What is the System? System is the Final Class
    What is the “out”? PrintStream Variable
    What is the println(); Method
    From Where We Get that Menthod(println)? From PrintStream Class
    Example :
    static PrintStream out;
    PrintStrteam {

    our Class:
    class Sample {



    if you want call the println() then we need object of the PrintStream class for that perpose they create Static variable called “out” in System class and out Static Variable so We need to call with Class Name

  • syed behram shah

    how system.out.printf() works in java

  • sanju

    hi frnds.i am recently learned core java but i want do tasks in real time .plz any body give to task for me for learning process only.plz help me