Interviewing in India


Since India clearly has such a large number of programmers, I wanted to devote a separate section with advice on how to approach programmer interviews in India.

Of course, the technical questions are pretty much the same regardless of which country you’re in. But, the process of getting an interview is quite different in India.

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8 Responses to “India – Introduction”

  1. madhavi says:

    I completely agree with you disqus_Qffs7jt9h7 . I am a US citizen and working for over 17 years .In india , they ask all coding examples, mathematical problems basically we never use in my daily work at all . system should change both education and interview process. becoming a mugging system.

  2. disqus_Qffs7jt9h7 says:

    I am a US citizen and I have been programming for over sixteen years. The last thirteen has been Java. Most of my projects I have worked with East Indian market in the US. I really believe that they have dominated the IT programming industry. I live in Silicon Valley, CA and have not been able to do good on interviews whom have been E. Indian IT Java leads who have been interviewing me. They have made it very difficult to do good on an interview? They seem to ask for me to write specific coding examples. Algorithms that basically I don’t code in my daily work??

    I am just mentioning this because they are the only ones who ask for such detail coding questions and algorithm questions. I just think it is unreasonable assessment of a programmer. A fare assessment would be what this programmer is capable of doing, also, IT is a science and should be treated as a ‘science’.

  3. rupesh says:

    Thanks a LOT…!!!

  4. Krishna Kumar says:

    Please Add the topic Android interview questions.

  5. Pravin Sonawane51 says:

    please add more c interview questions . 

  6. Utsav Singh says:

    and sir also start a topic which is related with objective type questions which are asked in written exam of different companies…it’ll surely helpful

  7. Sh Ajay12 says:

    please start a topic for the interview questions asked in Perl interviews. That will help people who are looking jobs in Perl technology. 

  8. Nishant kumar singh says:

    Sir,i am an MBA aspirant, i want to know how can i clear the interviews taken during MBA selection processes.

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