What is a buzzkill?

A buzzkill is a slang term used to describe someone or something that ruins a fun and enjoyable event. The origin of the term “buzzkill” comes from the a combination of two words – “buzz” and “kill”. A “buzz” is a term that people use to refer to a drunken state – so if you are “buzzed” it means that you are mildly drunk and feeling good from the alcohol you have consumed, and it comes right before you are completely drunk. So, a “buzzkill” is something that ‘kills’ a ‘buzz’ – basically something that puts an end to something enjoyable and fun.

Example of buzzkill in a sentence

An example of how to use phrase “buzzkill” is below:

Sam: "When Joe came to the party, he started to talk about his
financial problems."

Jack: "Yeah, Joe was a serious buzzkill - he ruined the mood 
of the party."

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