Fedex Stolen iPhone

I recently ordered two new iPhone 5 phones through Verizon from the Verizon website. I had two lines on my family plan that were eligible for upgrades, so I was able to get the iPhones for the discounted price. The two iPhones were going to be shipped together, and FedEx was going to deliver them to my house.

I left a signed note for FedEx

FedEx had attempted to deliver the package one day, but I was not at home. So, the FedEx delivery guy (or girl) left a doortag which said that I could simply sign the tag and leave it stuck to my door. By signing this doortag, the FedEx delivery person could leave the package at my doorstep, without me being present to actually open the door and sign. So, I signed the doortag and put it on my door.

iPhone missing from the FedEx shipment

The next day I actually happened to be home, but I still had the doortag on my door. The FedEx deliver guy rang the doorbell and left, because he did not need a signature since I already had the signed doortag there anyways. I went to the door as soon as I heard the doorbell ring and opened the door and saw my package. And, I saw the FedEx truck just driving off as soon as I came outside – which meant that there was absolutely no time for anyone else to possibly tamper with the package. But, I saw that the package was already partly open, which of course I thought was strange.

When I went inside to open the package I was shocked to see that there was only one iPhone in the box – not two as I expected. But, there was clearly an order form that said two iPhones were meant to be in the shipment. So, it became clear that one of the iPhones was stolen!

Did the FedEx delivery guy steal my iPhone?

Even though this seems to be the most likely explanation, I think it might have been stolen while the package was in storage at the FedEx branch location. Why would the delivery guy risk losing his job? I’m guessing that he didn’t notice that the the package was partially open – even though it was fairly obvious.

FedEx delivery guy must have thought no one was home

If FedEx delivery guy did steal the iPhone, then my guess is that since the FedEx deliver person saw the pre-signed doortag, he assumed that no one was home. This way he could simply claim that one of my neighbors or someone else stole the phone and opened the package because there would be some gap of time before I came home to receive the package. But, I picked up the package immediately after he rang the bell, and saw his truck leaving – so no one could have possibly touched the package in between him dropping it off and me picking it up from the doorstep.

But, some questions I asked myself were: why did the FedEx guy ring the doorbell in the first place? Why risk that someone would come out immediately and see the package was opened in his presence. Also, why would he just steal one iPhone 5 – why not just take both iPhone 5’s and leave? Maybe he/she did not see that there were actually two iPhones in the package.

Calling FedEx to report the missing/stolen shipment

I called FedEx immediately to report the missing iPhone. They input the information in their system and told me to call Verizon, so that Verizon could fill out a claim form with FedEx. While I was blaming the driver on the phone, the FedEx representative told me that it could have also been “lost” in transit, which is of course a possibility as I mentioned earlier.

Calling Verizon to report the missing iPhone

Finally, I called Verizon to report the missing iPhone. They filled out a form to start the claims process with FedEx, and they said that they will get back to me within 48 hours to report any progress. I’m currently waiting to hear back from them, and will update this post to see what they say – and whether they will send me a new phone free of charge, which they absolutely should.

The moral of the story – don’t use FedEx doortags

If I didn’t use a pre-signed doortag, then I would have had to sign for the package in front of the FedEx guy. And, at that point I should have noticed that the package was already opened and could have reported it to the FedEx guy immediately, which I believe would be easier to prove in case they try to disprove my story. So, don’t use FedEx doortags, and don’t leave signed notes because you really are opening yourself to the possibility of theft of expensive items. Even though I picked up the package immediately after the FedEx person left (and saw his truck), it looks like the signed doortag gives the FedEx delivery guy plausible deniability in this scenario (assuming he/she was the one who stole it).

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