What is the meaning of the phrase “case in point”?

The phrase “case in point” is used when taking a real world example to prove a point about a specific argument. As an example of the usage of the phrase “case in point”, suppose we say something like “Just because you are the #1 tennis player in the world doesn’t mean you win every match you play. Case in point: Djokovic just lost a match last week.”

Case in point synonyms

Some synonyms for the phrase “case in point” are: “for example”, “here’s an example”, “for instance”. The use of these synonyms does depend on the context in which “case in point” is being used.

Example of case in point in a sentence

Here’s another example of the use of “case in point” in a sentence:

"Not all great soccer players are tall.  Case
in point: Lionel Messi, who is considered the
best soccer player these days."

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