How expensive is Honolulu?

If you are visiting Honolulu on vacation and you’re curious to know just how expensive it is there then I can give you some idea since I visited there in July of 2013.

Cost of gas in Honolulu

The cost of a gallon of gas in Honolulu during the time of my visit was about $4.15, which is almost exactly what the price is in California as well.

Cost of food in Honolulu

At a Subway on Waikiki beach, a footlong sandwich is on average about $10 – that is just for the sandwich, and doesn’t include chips and a drink. Compared to the Subways around where I live in California, it’s a few dollars more expensive, because in California a footlong Subway sandwich averages about $7.00.

At a Burger King on Waikiki beach, the average meal was also about $10, compared to California where the average meal at a Burger King goes for $7. So, it’s quite a bit more expensive for the normal fast food chains, which sometimes seem as though they are not worth the cost because you can just eat at a proper restaurant for a little bit more money.

This doesn’t mean that normal restaurants are that much more expensive in Waikiki – the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki seems to have comparable prices to the same chain locations in California.

ABC Stores in Honolulu can help you save some money

If you are in the Waikiki area then you literally can not walk a block without passing an ABC Store – there are maybe about 20 ABC Stores in the Waikiki strip alone (which is only about 2 miles long, give or take).

ABC Stores are basically a mix of convenience, souvenir, and clothing stores – so you can buy everything from snorkel gear to alcohol to hawaiian chocolate macadamia nuts in an ABC Store. Pretty much anything that you might need while in Hawaii you can find in an ABC Store. You can also find a lot of raw materials for food here – so if you are looking to save some cash by not eating out so much then consider stopping in an ABC Store for some food supplies.

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