What is the cheapest airport shuttle in Honolulu?

When I visited Honolulu in mid 2013, the cheapest airport shuttle that I found is called Hawaii 23. As their name says, the price for up to 3 people is only $23 for a one-way trip either to or from Waikiki to the Honolulu airport.

My experience using the cheapest shuttle service in Honolulu

I used the Hawaii 23 service to take me from my hotel at Park Shore Waikiki to the airport, and I was picked up right on time. The person who picked me up was actually a normal taxi driver with a nice van who said that he was doing a favor for the owner of Hawaii 23 (whose name is Mark), since Mark was stuck somewhere else. He told us that he would charge us the flat rate but would still have to run the meter in the taxi because there are attendants at the airport who check the meters of taxi drivers to ensure that no one is being charged more than the meter price. According to our driver, it’s OK to charge someone less than the meter price, but if anyone is charged more than the metered price then the taxi driver can be ticketed and fined because he or she is clearly cheating the customer.

Overall, our experience was great.

How much cheaper was the shuttle compared to the taxis in Honolulu?

A taxi to Waikiki from the airport will cost you about $45, so compared to $23, you are saving a fair amount of money. Also, don’t forget to tip well since you are getting a really great deal.

If you want to book Hawaii 23’s shuttle service, then simply go their website. The owner, Mark, will send you an email and ask that you confirm via email as well. You might also get a phone call, but I personally corresponded with him via email.

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