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The goal of this site is to help programmers successfully prepare for technical interviews. We do this by presenting a variety of questions, grouped by subject matter. This site is a great resource for any level of programmer – whether you are an entry level “fresher” just starting out your career, or an experienced senior level programmer who is looking for more advanced questions, we present a wide variety of real interview questions. These questions have been pulled from our personal interview experiences with big software companies such as Google, Amazon, Accenture, Apple, Intuit, Adobe, NCR, and Oracle, just to name a few.


Rather than simply provide a question and an answer, we provide you with the steps that we took to actually solve the problem. That way, you can see how you would need to structure your thinking when approaching a problem in an interview. We wouldn’t advise you to just remember the answers to the questions on this site. You’re never guaranteed to face the same questions in an interview. So, if you really want to get something out of this site, you should first try solving the problem on your own. If you’re stuck on a certain part of the problem, then read the answer up to that point, and then try to work out the rest of it yourself.

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What to expect in Software Engineer Interviews

We’ve found that most software engineering interviews conducted today tend to cover a wide variety of subjects. This makes sense, because anyone who’s ever worked as a programmer knows that doing the job well requires that you work well with different subjects. For example, as a C++ developer, aside from just C++ you probably would need to know some basic sql so you can retrieve information from a database, and maybe even some basic O.S. concepts so that you can interface with Windows. The point, which may seem obvious to some, is that you can not just expect to know one subject and get by in an interview, because no programmer job is realistically like that.

Great Interview Questions to Ask Programmers and Developers

Even if you are hiring software engineers, this site is a great resource for you since there are a large variety of questions here that you can ask during an interview with a programmer. The software interview questions on this site range from beginner level to advanced, so you can definitely find the right questions for an interview that you are conducting.

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