How would you track clicks on the links in your email?


A lot of people who send out mass emails use a 3rd party service that they pay a fee to, and they take care of the details of sending out the emails. They also give their users statistics like the number of ‘opens’ in the emails that they send out. So, how do those 3rd party services track the number of clicks on those emails?

Plain Text Emails Can Not Have Tracking Images

Non-HTML (or “plain text”) emails can not have tracking images – since there is simply no way to embed an image in a plain text email. But, you can actually track “opens” from a plain-text email as well – although the user does have to click on a link in the email. This is exactly what some mass email senders do – they just track who clicks on the links inside their plain text emails, and they then count those as ‘opens’.

Use A Simple Redirect Script For Tracking

It’s actually quite simple – they use a redirect script that sends them first to their own servers, which can then log the ‘open’. And then the user is redirected to wherever the link was supposed to send them. This all happens in milliseconds, so the person who clicks on the link doesn’t even know it happened.

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