How expensive is Paris?

Surprisingly, Paris is not as expensive as you may think. Yes, hotels are slightly expensive – a decent hotel will cost around 120 euros a night, but that often includes breakfast. A nice affordable hotel known as the Holiday Inn Express Paris-Canal de la Villette cost just me just around 120 Euros a night in 2010.

How much does it cost to eat out in Paris?

Many people think that eating out is extremely expensive in Paris. Actually, most of the restaurants are pretty affordable – you can get dishes for 10 Euros or less. Things like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, are all very inexpensive. Of course, if you want to try the local delicacies like escargot (cooked snail), then you should expect to pay a bit more. But, it is very easy to find less expensive restaurants in Paris if you are on a budget. Most restaurants in Paris actually put their menus outside for everyone to see, so you can see what you will be paying beforehand.

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