Why do you want to work here?


This question is asked in practically every interview, and there’s a very good reason. When companies are hiring people they naturally want people who genuinely enjoy working and who want to work at that company, because those are the people that are going to perform the best on the job.

Come prepared

Before going into an interview you should probably form an answer to this question in your mind. After all, you don’t want to accept the job and then realize that you don’t want to work there – this will only waste both your time and your employers. Maybe you like the work that the company does, you like the fact that what you will be working on is the core business of the company, or the role that you will have excites you – whatever the reason, it’s always important that you have a good reason to want to work at the company that you are applying to.

I just need the money

As obvious as it may seem, you should never say that you are working just for the money. In fact, as a rule, money should not even be mentioned until you are made an offer. Remember that an interview is your chance to convince employers that they should want you to come work for them – and that is what you need to focus on before discussing salary.

I hate my current job

Often people make the mistake of putting down or criticizing their past or current jobs in an interview. This only reflects poorly on you because you will come across as a negative person who may not get along with others. Remember that you are never just evaluated on your technical skills – personality is just as important, and may be even more imporatant to some interviewers. It’s always a good idea not to say anything bad about current or past jobs.

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