Review of Iberia Flight from Madrid to Chicago – Flight 6275

I flew on Iberia airlines from Madrid to Chicago in July of 2012 and was actually pleasantly surprised. The flight was on time, and the staff was actually quite friendly despite what I had read in many other reviews – it looks like they are trying to make an effort to provide better service.

Review of the economy seats on Iberia Flight 6275

The seats on this flight were not bad at all – I checked in right when check in opened for the flight (24 hours before) and was able to get 1 of the window seats. Every row in economy has a group of 2 seats, then a group of 4 middle seats, and finally another group of 2 seats. I highly recommend that you try to get 1 of the group of 2 seats since they are a lot less cramped and there’s more breathing room – so try to log in right when checkin opens 24 hours before the flight departs so you can get the best seat.

Review of the economy meal on Iberia Flight 6275

The first meal they served was lunch, and they had a choice between either a vegetarian lasagna and meatballs. I chose the lasagna and was really surprised that it was more than just edible – it was quite good. The little desert that they served on the side was also really good.

They also served another smaller meal later – which was basically a ham and cheese sandwich, some bread, and a sweet. They didn’t have a vegetarian option unless you told them before the flight that’s what you wanted. They also offer free wine with any meal.

The inflight entertainment on Iberia Flight 6275 Madrid to Chicago

In economy on Iberia, there is no TV in the headrest of the seat in front of you. But, they have a few screens that drop down from the ceiling, and you can watch those with the headphones that they provide you for free. They played a few movies, which were not too bad.

If you have a connecting flight after Flight 6275 from Chicago

I actually had a connecting flight to San Francisco from Chicago. One thing to note is that if you have a connecting flight like I did you will have to go through customs in Chicago and then you may have to pick up your luggage from baggage claim. Then, they will have you drop off your baggage at a spot from which they will pick it up and load it so that it goes to your final destination in the USA. Just make sure that the correct baggage tags are already on your luggage which clearly state your final destination and flight number – that should have been taken care of at the Madrid airport.

Overall, flying on Iberia was a pretty good experience – you can’t really expect much out of economy class on any airlines as it is. And the fact that it was cheap was a huge plus – so I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Iberia again.

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