What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes is a term that you will hear very commonly in corporate America. Meeting minutes are notes taken during a meeting that are meant to record the important things that were discussed during that meeting, and any decisions that were made during the meeting.

Who records the meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are usually just recorded by one person – usually either on paper or on a laptop. It’s really up to that individual as to how he or she wants to record the meeting minutes. Some companies use a rotation system to determine who has to take the meeting minutes for a particular meeting – so every meeting it is someone different taking the minutes, and then it starts again in a round robin format.

Why are meeting minutes used?

Meeting minutes are used to keep a running record of everything that happens in a particular meeting. The minutes are usually sent out to everyone who attended the meeting after, so that they have a record that they can refer to in case they need to. Also, meeting minutes are often sent to people higher up in an organization (like a Vice President or Director), because those people are usually to busy to attend the meeting but would still like to know what happened.

Example of meeting minutes in a sentence

Boss: "Mike, can you please take the meeting minutes
today and send them out to the group afterwards?"

Mike: "Sure thing!"

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