Puzzles as Interview Questions


Whether you like it or not, puzzles are still a big part of interview questions for programmers these days. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have a tendency to give puzzles to test out software engineers that they are interviewing. Although, Google did recently admit that the ability to answer puzzles does not have any relation to a person’s future job performance. But, a lot of companies don’t bother to ask potential candidates interview puzzles – it really varies from company to company.

Brain teaser interview questions and answers

Whether brain teasers and riddles really tell your employer anything revealing about your intelligence is highly debatable. There might be some truth to it, but we think it’s very unlikely that the ability to solve a puzzle has anything to do with how good someone will be at doing their job. In fact, Google has actually said in 2013 that they will stop asking brain teaser interview questions during their hiring process.

Why employers like to ask riddles during interviews

The commonly held opinion by people who like to ask interview puzzles is that watching an interviewee solve a puzzle gives the employer a chance to see how an interviewee approaches problem solving. In any case, in this section we present some puzzles and brain teasers that we’ve come across in some interviews. Just try to have fun with these riddles, and get ready for any brain teasers you may be asked in an interview.

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