When is Javascript used outside of the browser?

Javascript is commonly known by programmers as a language executed by browsers to validate forms, add extra functionality to webpages, etc.

Because of the fact that Javascript is run by browsers (which run on the client machine), it is often mistakenly referred to as a client side language. But, it’s important to remember that Javascript is just a language, and depending on what purpose the language is implemented for, it can be used to do other things than just run on a browser. Let’s explore some of those things.

Javascript on the Server Side – Node.js

Javascript can also be run by the server. Node.js is a perfect example of how Javascript can be run on the server side – not the client side.

Node.js is a combination of a runtime environment and a library that uses server side Javascript to build web based applications. Again, the key here is that it is server side Javascript, which means that Javascript is executed by the server – not the browser. Node.js also happens to use the V8 virtual machine, which is the Javascript virtual machine that is used in Google’s Chrome web browser.

Javascript in PDF files

Javascript can also be used to customize PDF files, and even to develop Adobe Acrobat applications

Javascript on the desktop

Javascript is also sometimes used to develop desktop widgets.

So, you can see that Javascript has many applications other than just being executed by browsers – something that’s good to know.

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