What is the LAMP stack?

First off, let’s go over what LAMP stands for. Each letter in the acronym LAMP stands for a different open source technology – those technologies are Linux (as the open source operating system), Apache (as the web server), MySQL (as the open source database software), and PHP, Python, or Perl. Most people mistakenly think that a LAMP stack always uses PHP as the programming language, but either Perl or Python can actually be used instead of PHP.

Why is the LAMP called a stack?

The reason it’s called LAMP stack is because of the fact that all of the different technologies used to provide a solution are like different layers in a stack.

Why is the LAMP stack so popular?

The LAMP stack has become popular because everything is free of cost and there is a large community built around all of these technologies. So, finding answers to your technical questions is usually not too difficult if you are using the LAMP stack.

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