What is the meaning of the saying “In a pigs eye”?

The saying “in a pig’s eye” is used to mean the same thing as “Under no circumstance” or “There is no possibility of…”. Basically, whenever something is extremely unlikely to happen or there is no truth in a certain statement, the phrase “in a pig’s eye” is used.

The reason the phrase “in a pig’s eye” is used to mean something unlikely is because of the fact that a pig’s eyes are very small, so the phrase is used to convey the idea that the likelihood of something happening is also very small, or simply impossible. The usage of the phrase is usually in the context of a strong objection to something – basically, a very emphatic way of saying “No” or “No way!”.

Example of “In a pigs eye” in a sentence

Joe: "Jack, Jill was saying you wanted to run up the
2 mile trail to the hill."

Jack: "Me, run up a 2 mile hill?  In a pig's eye!"

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