What is the meaning of the phrase “brain dump”?

At work you may have heard somebody use the phrase “brain dump”, because it’s a pretty commonly used term in offices around America. The phrase “brain dump” is used to mean a transfer of a lot of information – usually from one person or group of people to another person or group of people. So, if you break the phrase down, a “dump” is like a snapshot of information, and of course “brain” implies that the information is coming from someone else’s brain.

And, because the phrase “brain dump” usually implies that the information is not already recorded somewhere else (like in a file or on paper), and that it’s just information that is in someone’s mind.

Brain dump synonym

A good synonym for “brain dump” is “knowledge transfer”. Some companies even have what are known as KTS – or Knowledge Transfer Sessions – they essentially mean the same thing as “brain dump”.

Example of “brain dump” in a sentence:

An example of how “brain dump” is used will help clarify your understanding of the phrase.

"Joe had a meeting with Kathy so that 
Joe could do a brain dump of everything
he learned before he left the company."

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