What is the meaning of the phrase “hat in hand”?

When someone says that they come to you “hat in hand”, what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that person is coming to you with humility, generally because they need a favor from you. Of course, this is just a saying and does not mean that the person actually has a hat – it’s just the attitude that the person uses is one of great humility (and almost fearful) when approaching another person from whom they need a favor.

Synonyms for “hat in hand”?

Some synonyms for the phrase “hat in hand” include “with great humility”, “self effacing”, “sheepish”, and “meekly”.

Example of “hat in hand” in a sentence

Here’s an example of how the phrase “hat in hand” can be used in a sentence:

"The President went to the billionaire hat in hand,
asking for money for his campaign."

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