Are you allowed to send your email address through eBay?

Sending your email address through eBay is actually against the eBay policy – so it’s technically not allowed by eBay. This is of course because eBay wants to avoid having people complete transactions outside of eBay, which would mean that eBay will not get their fee once a transaction is completed.

Instead of email, get the phone number of eBay member

I’ve actually experienced a time when an eBay member sent their phone number to me directly through the eBay message system. And, I was able to complete a transaction (I was selling an iPhone) outside of eBay, because the buyer just happened to live in my area. I was happy to be able to do this since I don’t really like eBay (it was my first time using the site), since it seems to heavily favor buyers over sellers, and there is hardly any seller protection. It seems to be very common for people to send phone numbers through the messaging system, as several people have reiterated this fact to me. In fact, even eBay allows you to request another member’s contact information by filling out a simple form that sends you an email with the information.

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