How to get to Malaga from Granada

In order to get to Malaga from Granada, you should definitely take the bus – it will only take you about 1 and a half hour and is very comfortable.

Taking the bus from Granada to Malaga

When taking the bus from Granada to Malaga, you have the option of going either on the regular bus or on a nicer bus (called Supra Economy). The nicer bus only costs 12.50 Euros for a one way ticket to Malaga and is something I highly recommend since the seats are very comfortable, there is free Wi-Fi, it has A/C, and they even give you a small snack as well. The normal ticket is about 10 Euros, so the extra 2 euros is definitely worth it.

How to book bus tickets from Granada to Malaga online?

In order to book the bus from Granada to Malaga online you can go to the website – they are the bus company that I used to travel from Granada to Malaga. When on their website, you can select the language you want by simply selecting the flag with the language you want in the top center. Then, on the left hand side of the homepage, select “Regional”, and the first option will be Andalucia which is the default option that you want since both Malaga and Granada are in the region of Andalucia. Then, click the search button and put in your departure and destination cities and date of travel – you will see many options for both regular economy and supra economy. From there it should be straightforward to book your ticket.

How to book bus tickets from Granada to Malaga in person?

If you want to book tickets in person instead, you can go to the granada bus station located at Carretera de Jaen, s/n 18014 Granada. The bus station is in the northern part of the city of Granada, and about 15 minutes away from the city center by taxi. A taxi to the Granada bus station from central Granada will cost about 7-8 euros. The bus station is called estacion de autobuses in Spanish – so when taking a taxi that is what you want to say.

The hours of the Granada bus station ticket window

The Granada bus station ticket window is open from 6:30 am to 1:30 pm – so if you want to buy tickets in person you better be sure to go during those early hours. There is usually a line of about 20 minutes – so it would be wise to go well before 1:30 pm. Also, even though the ticket window closes early that does not mean that the buses don’t leave after 1:30 pm – there are buses that leave at all times during the day.

One thing worth mentioning: there is also a McDonalds next to the Bus station in Granada, in case you were looking for a place to eat. And, of course, there is a restaurant inside the Bus station.

Where is the bus station in Malaga?

The bus station in Malaga is at Paseo los Tilos, 0, 29002 Malaga, Spain. It is also connected to the train station (RENFE), which is called the Maria Zambrano train station.

Taking the train from Granada to Malaga

Taking the train to Malaga from Granada is just foolish since it takes so much longer than the bus and costs more money as well. So, I definitely do not recommend that.

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