What is the definition of tunnel vision in slang?

In slang, if someone says they someone has “tunnel vision” then they mean that the person is looking at things from a very narrow perspective, and is not seeing or aware of all the facts. That is why it’s called tunnel vision, because a tunnel is, of course, narrow.

Synonyms for tunnel vision

Some synonyms for tunnel vision include “not seeing the big picture”, “narrow minded”, and “limited perspective”.

What is tunnel vision in software design and engineering

You may hear the term “tunnel vision” being used in the context of software design or engineering. In this context, it means exactly the same thing, and is used by software engineers/developers to mean that someone is not taking everything into account when coming up with a software solution. This could be because the person does not have enough knowledge, or is just having a bad day – maybe because he/she is tired and sleep deprived.

Example of tunnel vision in a sentence

"The software developer had serious tunnel vision and 
thought that everything had to be solved using the
Java programming language, since that was what he 
worked with for the last 10 years."

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