Review of the Danubius Hotel in London, Regents Park

I stayed in the Danubius hotel for about a week in June of 2012, and wanted to write a small review of it in case you are planning on staying there.

Is there free Wi-fi at the Danubius Hotel in London?

There is free Wi-Fi, but it is not unlimited. What is nice is that you can get 30 minutes free Wi-fi everyday anywhere in the hotel, including your room. If you need extra Wi-Fi time, one trick I found is to simply access the internet by a different device – so if you have an iPhone and an iPad then you can get 30 minutes of Wi-fi on each device (for a total of an hour), since the Internet is device specific.

The rooms at the Danubius Hotel

The standard rooms are quite small – and there are some rooms that have a diagonal window area so the room is not a rectangle, and those rooms are the smallest rooms that they have. If you get that room, you should ask for a bigger room (that’s what I did), and they gave me one that was slightly bigger, and did not have the weird window that ran like a diagonal.

Cost of a standard room in the Danubius Hotel

I paid about $1,035.00 for a 6 night stay in the Danubius Hotel, which averages out to $172 a night. This did not include breakfast. I stayed from a Wednesday night to Tuesday in the month of June – obviously the weekend nights were the most expensive, so if you can avoid staying Friday and Saturday nights you can probably get a better deal depending on when you plan on staying. I also booked through

What tube stations are closest to the Danubius Hotel?

The closest tube station to the Danubius hotel is the St. John’s Wood Station, and it is about a 7 minute walk. As soon as you get out of the station make a left onto Wellington Road, and you should see the Danubius hotel straight ahead after walking 50 meters or so. This is the best station to take if you are coming from the airport with luggage. There are some restaurants and grocery stores very close to the station right off of Circus Road – if you are coming from the station just make a left onto Wellington Road and then another left onto Circus Road and then a right onto St. John’s wood, and you will see that’s a popular area.

What restaurants are close to the Danubius Hotel?

The other station that is close to the Danubius hotel is the Baker street station. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the hotel. This is the area I recommend that you should go to if you are looking for restaurants, eateries, or pubs close to the Danubius hotel. It’s a very popular area and is also very close to Madame Tussauds wax museum. There’s a Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds, Quiznos, and a Starbucks all in this area.

How to get to the Danubius hotel from the Heathrow Airport?

Taking a taxi to the hotel is expensive, and will cost you something like 50 pounds if not more. Taking the tube is pretty convenient especially if you don’t have too much luggage (even if you have a lot of baggage, it’s still not bad at all). The tube station is connected to the Heathrow Airport – so don’t worry about walking there. You can buy a pass to the underground at the airport itself. What you want to do is get on the Piccadilly line and then get off at the Green Park station to transfer to the Jubilee line. Make sure that when on the Piccadilly line you go in the direction towards the Green Park station, because the Piccadilly line does split at the Acton Town stop.

The Green Park station does have elevators in case you have a lot of baggage and you don’t want to carry everything on the stairs. Once on the Jubilee line, you will get off at the St. John’s Wood station and take a left onto Wellington Road, and then walk about 50 meters and you will see the Danubius hotel.

Coffee and Cookies at the Danubius Hotel

They do have a hot water machine for tea or coffee, and they also give new cookies/biscuits every day, which are delicious.

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