Job Hunting Myth:
"I don’t need to bring copies of my resume to the interview since I’ve already sent it to them in an email and they should have it."


This is actually less of a myth and more of something that most interviewees simply forget to do. The answer is yes, you should definitely bring multiple hard copies of your resume to an interview.

Why you should bring copies of your resume to the interview

The reason you absolutely must bring copies of your resume is simple. In most interviews, you will meet with multiple people. Some of those people may forget to bring a copy of your resume, because usually people in the software industry are very busy and they don’t really have time to review your resume in depth until the actual interview. So, they tend to glance over your resume during the actual interview and figure out questions on the spot – this is what I used to do when interviewing people.

Basically, by bringing extra copies of your resume you are showing that you are prepared and that you think ahead – always good qualities of people you would want to hire!

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