Do airlines charge for pets?

Yes, they do. But, it is generally a fixed price regardless of where you are traveling to. So, whether you go from San Francisco to Los Angeles or San Francisco to New York, the cost of
taking your pet is the same. Currently (as of May 6th, 2011), Southwest charges a flat rate of $75 for taking a pet on board in the cabin – the cabin is where all the people sit. American Airlines currently charges $175 for this.

What about putting pets in the cargo?

Pets can only be put in the cargo of a plane if they meet certain conditions – for some pets this is not a good option, since it may affect their health. But, putting a pet in the cargo is usually slightly less expensive than having them with you in the cabin. American Airlines, for example, charges $125 to put a pet in the cargo versus $175 to have the pet in the cabin.

Many flights also have restrictions on how many pets they carry per flight. So, they allow pets on a first come first served basis. This is because having too many pets could affect other people on board who are allergic to pets.

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