How to get to Cordoba from Malaga?

The best way to get from Cordoba to Malaga is by train – I travelled by train from Cordoba to Malaga in July of 2012 and it was a great experience. The journey is only 1 hour and 5 minutes, and you can purchase your tickets online at the RENFE website (

Traveling by train from Malaga to Cordoba

I paid only 25.20 Euros for a one way ticket from Malaga to Cordoba on the AVANT train. The train was really nice, and I highly recommend it versus the far more expensive AVE train. It really makes no sense to take the AVE train when it is only 5 minutes faster and you are not really getting anything else.

You can book a train ticket from Malaga to Cordoba on If you want to read the site in English simply select “Welcome” at the top (right next to “Bienvenue” which is French for Welcome). This will then allow you to view the site in English.

Traveling by bus from Malaga to Cordoba

Again, I do not recommend traveling by bus from Cordoba to Malaga since it is a longer journey (it’s between 2.5 hours and 3.5 hours depending on which bus you take), and the train ride is quite nice. But, if you want to save some money, traveling by bus is not a bad option – it only costs 13.58 Euros for a one-way journey at the time of this writing. Here’s how to book your bus ticket to Cordoba online:

Booking a bus ticket online from Malaga to Cordoba

In order to book the bus from Cordoba to Malaga online you can go to the website – they are the bus company that I used to travel from Granada to Malaga. When on their website, you can select the language you want by simply selecting the flag with the language you want in the top center (select the British flag for English). Then, on the left hand side of the homepage, select “Regional”, and the first option will be Andalucia which is the default option that you want since both Malaga and Cordoba are in the region of Andalucia. Then, click the search button and put in your departure and destination cities and date of travel – you will see many options for travel times from Malaga to Cordoba.

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