What is the meaning of the phrase “a gentleman’s c”?

The term gentleman’s C is used to refer to male university students who are given a “C” grade in a class rather than given a failing grade like an “F”. The reason it’s called a “gentleman’s C” is because of the fact that the male students are given a passing grade because they come from wealthy families who could have a history with the university or donate a lot of money to the university. Failing those students could potentially harm the relationship with the students’ families so rather than take that risk, the male students are given a “gentleman’s C”.

Usage of the phrase “a gentleman’s c” in ivy leagues schools

The term is often used in reference to people in Ivy League schools like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, etc.

A gentleman’s C and president George Bush

Former USA president George W. Bush is often criticized for receiving gentleman’s C’s while attending college at Yale and Harvard, because of his family’s great reputation.

Example of a gentleman’s C in a sentence:

"George Bush was given a gentleman's C in his political 
science class because his family was so wealthy."

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