What is a turnkey solution?

When talking about software, a turnkey solution is a solution that requires little or no customization, and provides a solution for a software project. So, if a company or an individual needs some software, then there’s really 3 solutions available to them: 1. they can try to find a solution that they can purchase which fits all of their needs – a turnkey solution. 2. they can create something entirely on their own, or 3. they can purchase some software and customize it to fit their needs.

Synonyms for turnkey solution

Some synonyms for turnkey solution are “readymade solution” or “off the shelf” solution – which basically means that some software is bought off the shelf to solve a certain problem.

Example of turnkey solution in a sentence

"Bob was looking for a turnkey solution for
his company's internal software project, but
it became clear to him that there was no turnkey
solution for him - he would have to customize the
software to his needs in order to get exactly
what he wanted."  

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