Does Java have an XOR operator? If so, what is the representation for XOR in Java?

Yes, Java does have an XOR (Exclusive Or) operator – it is represented by the caret character – the “^”.

How does the XOR operator work in Java?

The XOR operator will return a 1, or TRUE, if both numbers being compared are different. But, if the numbers being compared are the same it will return a 0 for FALSE.

Here is a table that represents how the XOR operator works – where X and Y are the inputs and the output after the XOR operator is applied to those two numbers is shown in the third column:

X Y Output
0 0 0
0 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 0

An example of how to use the XOR operator in Java:

If you want to apply the XOR operator to two numbers, A and B, then this is what it would look like:

C = A ^ B;  //find the XOR of A and B, store in C

XOR Java interview question

You can read another interesting example of using the XOR operator in the context of an interview question right here: XOR in Java interview question.

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