What is the cost of a 5 day Oyster card pass in London’s underground tube?

The way that the London underground tube system works is that the city of London is broken down into 9 zones, as far as the tube system is concerned. Zone 1 is central London – where almost all of the major sites are located, like Big Ben, Parliament, Harrod’s, Hyde Park, London Tower, etc. Zone 2 is slightly further outside of Zone 1 and Zone 3 is slightly outside of Zone 2, and so on. Think of the zones as a circle that gets bigger and bigger – zone 1 is the smallest circle, zone 2 is slightly bigger (and therefore covers more space0, and so on and so forth.

What is an Oyster card?

When you buy a pass for the underground tube in London, you have the option of getting an “Oyster” card. An Oyster card is basically a “smart” card that you just swipe instead of inserting a ticket into the ticket readers at each station. The reason it’s called an “Oyster” card is because it has the shape of an Oyster – with 2 flaps surrounding the actual card.

Oyster passes are broken down by zones

When you buy an Oyster pass, you will be asked which zones you want the pass for. The more zones that your pass covers, the more that you will end up paying for the Oyster pass.

The cost of an Oyster pass for Zones 1 and 2

I paid for a 5 day pass in Zones 1 and 2, and it came out to 34.20 Pounds for 1 ticket. The price I paid included the 5 pound base price of the Oyster Card – and you can actually get that 5 pounds back at the end of your trip if you want to give back your Oyster card. You can redeem your Oyster card – and get your 5 pounds back – at the airport when you leave London.

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