Suppose that you are standing in a hallway next to 3 light switches, which are all off. There is another room down the hallway, where there are 3 incandescent light bulbs – each light bulb is operated by one of the switches in the hallway. Because the light bulbs are in another room, you can not see them since you are standing in the hallway.

How would you figure out which switch operates which light bulb, if you can only go the room with the light bulbs one time, and only one time?


A lot of times it helps just to state the obvious, so let’s do that here:
If a switch is in the ‘on’ position then the light bulb corresponding to that switch will light up as well.

Now, given the previous information, can we solve this problem? Well, just think about the different possibilities. If we have all switches on, then when we go into the attic all the light bulbs will be on. This tell us nothing about which switch corresponds to which light bulb. If we have 2 of the switches on, then when we go into the attic, 2 of the light bulbs will be on. This will tell us that the switch which is in an ‘off’ position corresponds to the light bulb that’s off in the attic. And if we have 1 switch on (and the other 2 off), then we know which switch corresponds to the light bulb that’s on.

Neither of the last 2 solutions are complete – because they only tell us about one of the switches and the light bulb that it corresponds to. But the problem clearly states that we need to know about all three of the switches, and which bulb each one corresponds to.

Think outside the box

So it’s now obvious that we must find some other way of solving the problem. Let’s ‘think outside the box’: what else do we know here?

Well, the properties of a switch don’t seem to have anything unique to them – they are just either simply on or off.

What happens to a light bulb when turned on?

What about the light bulbs? Well, we do know that incandescent light bulbs get hot when they are on – this sounds like it might just lead to something useful that can help us. We know that the longer an incandescent light bulb stays on the hotter it gets.

So, if we turn one switch off after 5 minutes, turn the second one on, and leave the last one off then what happens? Well, the light bulb corresponding to the first switch will still be warm (even though it’s off), the bulb corresponding to the second switch will be on, and the bulb corresponding to the last switch will be off. This is enough information so that we can go into the attic only once and figure out which switch belongs to which light bulb.

This question is tricky – because it requires thinking somewhat ‘creatively’ to come up with a solution. Measuring someone’s intelligence based on a problem like this is probably not a good idea – whether people stumble open an answer to this is often due to their luck. Unless, of course, they already knew the answer.

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  • toad_004

    There is nothing about solving this within a time limit. You could simply flip one of the switches on-off-on-off-on-off over and over again until it blows out, then leave both it and one other switch “on”.

    One bulb will be on, one bulb will be blown out, and one will be in working condition but just switched off.

    I like this solution, because it only requires *seeing* the bulbs, which we know for sure we have. We don’t know that we’ll be allowed to touch them.

  • James McLarey

    Sumit, my friend, it IS entirely reasonable to expect that bulbs would normally be on a ceiling, but they can be on a wall and they can be in a lamp on a table. As far as light being visible from a hallway, maybe the door is closed or the bulb does not throw off that much light. Again, we are trying to add facts not in evidence. I am not saying that your assumption isn’t reasonable, but mine are just as reasonable…and, for purposes of this problem, they are obviously necessary for it to be a problem that needs to be solved.

  • Sumit Saseendran

    well, I guess my assumption is more reasonable than assuming we can reach the bulb. Bulbs are mostly fixed above reach, and light inside a room can normally be seen from the hall way.

    But then, its just different ways to approach the problem.

  • James McLarey

    The problem as stated does not state that you can see what’s going on in the room and actually implies that you can’t see ANYTHING in the room, including light. You can’t assume facts not in evidence.

  • James McLarey

    It is called a limited information problem because you don’t know any information except what is given and you weren’t meant to know. That’s the definition….limited info. You must solve based on what you DO know. I’m sure if you ask enough questions and received truthful answers, you wouldn’t have much to think about in order to come up with the solution.

  • James McLarey

    This is a limited information problem. The question does not state that you can reach the bulbs, but it doesn’t state that you can’t either. I know that you said you can’t assume anything with a logic problem, but you are assuming that you can’t reach them and we simply don’t know that. The answer to the problem AS GIVEN is perfectly correct.

  • Sumit Saseendran

    how about on two switches, go to room, take out one burning bulb(throw something on it if it is unreachable). then come back and see which of the two switch controls the only burning bulb. We should be able to see if there is any light or not in the room from the hall way.

  • Michaelpup

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  • TTP

    Question is still relevant because it says it is using incandescent lights not LED lights.

  • bubba

    Well, you could just ask if one may reach the bulbs. If not, and there is way to reach the bulbs to test them for heat then the answer is there is not enough information to solve the puzzle.

  • Mbih Emmanuel Gemuh

    my answer is similar, well my daughter’s answer again: turn on a switch and leave it on for a few minutes, then turn it off and turn on one of the others. The switch that is on corresponds to the light that’s on, the bulb that’s off but warm corresponds to the one that was first turned on.

  • Mike

    Checking the temperature assumes you can reach the bulb, you can’t assume anything with a logic problem. So, if the lights are out of reach how do you tell which switch corresponds to which light?

  • Qiusheng Jiang

    I have several LED light bulbs (10W, 60W equivalent) at home and they are still hot (more than warm) when they are on.

  • Qiusheng Jiang

    This can be enhanced to ask about 4 switches and 4 bulbs because we can have 4 different states of the bulbs: On, Hot, Warm, Off

  • Darwin Award Goes to…..

    Except as you said were MOVING to LED. Thus they are not ALL LED which they even said "incandescent light bulbs get hot" So you really are just repeating what they said.

    And some people still develop film the old fashion way…….. so your whole most is irrelevant

  • Roy

    No longer relevant. Light bulbs today are moving to LED, which doesn't get warm. Same with the riddle about shooting, dipping and hanging your wife. We no longer process film…

  • Ananth

    Nice :)Really it was tricky 🙂