Does Vmware Fusion come with Windows?


Vmware Fusion is a Virtual Machine

If you’ve never used Vmware or a similar product before, it helps to give a quick summary of what a virtual machine does. Virtual machines like Vmware fusion allow people who have Macs to run other operating systems at the same time. So, if you’re running the Mac operating system, then you can also be running another operating system like Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare or Solaris simultaneously. Vmware accomplishes this through some fancy and very complex software which we won’t get into.

Answering the original question, Vmware does not actually come with Windows – you will have to purchase a copy of the Windows operating system on your own to install with the Vmware software. And the same is true for any other operating system you would like to run simultaneously with the Mac operating system.

The reasons for this should be clear – since Vmware allows people to run other operating systems as well, it wouldn’t make sense to just be limited to Windows. Also, Windows is not known to be bundled with other non Microsoft products.

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