Web Listings Inc. Scam


Recently we received a letter in the mail from a “company” called Web Listings Inc.

The letter was made to deceptively look like a bill for services rendered for a new site that we are currently in the process of creating.

Submitting your site to search engines is free

Beware of mail scams like this – this company sent us a bill for $65.00 to list our site with 20 established search engines. Most people should know that submitting your website to a search engine is absolutely free – so there’s no way that this could ever be legitimate.

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    Actually, the service is free if YOU submit it. If you hire another company to do that for you you are paying for their time to submit your information. That is absolutely legitimate. Many people lack the skills or knowledge necessary to enter their information therefor they hire a 3rd party. The customer is paying for Web Listings to submit their information which is a service which they can legitimately charge for.